Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

I am really enjoying doing this project. I've missed a few days but overall I think it's been a great way to look at our year. I need to order some more pictures and update my photo album.

Monday, March 28- We were in Michigan and went to my Aunt Dorothy's to visit. Grace loved playing with her toys and my mom was a good sport playing with her!
Tuesday, March 29- The Butterfly Exhibit- not the best day for Grace but I enjoyed it!
Thursday, March 30- Grace enjoyed waiting for the kids to get home from school on THE SCHOOL BUS! Lucky the cat enjoyed waiting with her in the sunshine.
Friday, March 31- Graham and Hannah enjoyed a bit of snuggle time before she left for school and we headed back to Indiana.
Friday, April 1st- Daddy came home after a few days away! Graham was squealing with excitement at seeing Daddy and doing this new trick.
Saturday, April 2nd- We pulled out Graham's play table and he and his sister had some work time together.

Sunday, April 3- Little Man all dressed up for church.

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