Thursday, March 24, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Monday- March 21- Painting Day!
Tuesday, March 22- this is a rare moment- both of my kids looking at the camera! Grace 2 yr 9 mo. Graham 7 mo. (almost)
Wednesday, March 23- Our friend J. came to play for a while. Grace and J are three days apart and are very much like siblings!
Thursday, March 24- MOPS- My green group. I love MOPS. I look forward to it each time. We always do fun crafts and there is good conversation and ALWAYS good food!
Friday, March 25 (Grandma Shirley's birthday!) Our friends the Rileys gave Grace this dress- it's the fanciest one she's ever had. She LOVED wearing it and spinning around.
Saturday, March 26. We went to Warsaw to a Thomas the Train party. Guess who was more imporant than Thomas? She was so thrilled to see the Easter Bunny. She's holding her hand up over her face because she's excited/nervous/shy/thrilled. When we left she made me take her over to him to show him her balloon, ring, and Thomas cards she won.

Sunday, March 27- Reading with Grandpa Wilson. Grandma and Grandpa have the BEST toys. She could hardly stop to talk to us or read a book with all of thier goodies. :)

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