Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project Life 3/7

Monday, March 7- My first blog book came in the mail!
Tuesday, March 8- Little Man loves his office!
Wednesday, March 9- yes, I did pose this but they were both near each other. I love having both of the men in my life who wear these socks!
Thursday, March 10- Happy Birthday Daddy!
Friday, March 11- I took Grace outside to see the crocus blooming. She was not quite as thrilled as me- She said "mom, I want pink flowers. Where are the pink flowers?" :)
Saturday, March 12- Grace had the flu today so we didn't get to do our plans. Graham was not sick thankfully. Here he is before his bath.

Sunday, March 13- She was definitely feeling better today- lots of doll time.

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Sara said...

How did your blog book turn out? I've thought about printing one, but never have. Love the sock picture. LIttle things like that make me smile :)