Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project Life Week 4

I think I'm on week 4 but Jessica's post says week 3? Not sure about that... Anyway
Saturday- January 22- I wanted to wait till Graham was 6 months, or at least much closer to 6 months to start him on food. But he's been sleeping so poorly that I was willing to try anything. While I think it was just a growth spurt, not true hunger (like he wasn't getting enough from me) I'm glad I started him. He liked his first bite but that's about it!
Sunday, January 23- Grace loves her puppies. For some reason she calls them her kittys! She lines them up, takes them everywhere and mothers them. Here she was telling them to "be good or they will get time out!"
Monday, January 24- While I was making dinner I gave Grace some rice on a cookie sheet. Her enjoyment was worth the mess on the floor.

Tuesday January 25- Siblings. :)
Wednesday, January 26- Tonight we had Joe over for ham and beans. Joe's wife passed away about 5 months ago. She was a great friend to our family and we miss her. We enjoy having Joe over when we can.
Thursday, January 27- Graham can roll from belly to back!
Posted by PicasaFriday, January 28- Grandma Shirley came up for the weekend and played with us. She gave Graham Tracker to play with (Gracie's dog) He was thrilled. What you can't see is she was having a total fit! She is good about sharing but not her puppies.


Colleen said...

What a great week of family pictures and love how you've put the days on them too.

Susan said...

Great week in photo's. Have a blessed day.

Kelsey said...

I love all the pictures, especially the one with Grace and the dogs, what a great angle.