Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Project Life week 5

Monday- January 31- I drove to Huntington to visit some friends I used to work with. We all have two kids now! The big girls had fun playing together and the little ones.. well we pretty much either chased em down, fed em, or tried to keep em happy!
Tuesday- Feb. 1st. THE BIG SNOW. Shane left on Monday for the week and they kept talking about the blizzard of 2011. I had to turn off the news because it was making me more worried about how much we were going to to hit! We did get quite a bit but it was ok. This was my first time shoveling our driveway- my hubby is great like that! (this pic was taken on Wednesday but I wanted to show the snow we got on Tuesday)

Wednesday- Feb. 2nd. Grace and I made homemade graham crackers! She loves eating the dough raw and making the star shapes. They are delicious!
Thursday Feb. 3. We got out of the house! We went to the community center and ran/walked 5 laps! Then we went to the library. Grace got Pinkalicious again. She LOVES all things pink. We also picked up Purplicious which is cute but not as cute as Pinkalicious.
Friday, Feb. 4- Grandpa and Grandma Diane came to visit! Grace was so excited to see another face besides her mama! They spent the afternoon visiting and I got to make them Olive Cheese Bread!! (Shane does not like olives!).
Sunday, Feb. 6. No pics on Saturday so I'm putting two of my Sunday favorites. Shane and Grace played in the snow and she loved it! She was not a fan, however, of the snow on her gloves! Then we went to play with her friend Jonah and then we all went to the Gernand's for a Super Bowl Party! The kids had fun. The men, I'm sure were wishing for a quiet room! Ha!

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IAmMikki said...

Great pictures! My daughter is crazy about Pinkalicous. It's the book she chooses every night for her bedtime story.