Friday, February 25, 2011

Project Life Tuesday...on Friday

Late in my Project Life Post... We were out of town and then Graham and I got sick. Not fun. Thankfully he's feeling better and I just have a head cold. Anway..
Monday- February 14- Happy Valentines Day! I made pink heart pancakes for Grace and Shane. :)
Tuesday- February 15- We went to Muncie to ride with Brad and Diane to a visitation. Unfortunately the situation was sad, someone passing away. It was good though to see family.
Wednesday- February 16- Grace is doing so well playing by herself. Her imagination is taking off. She loves her castle and all things princess, pink, and pretty!

Thursday, February 17- no picture but I'm going to use a few from the weekend.
Friday, February 18- We had our friends Evan, Christi, and Ian over! He looks a little scared in this picture but I think I caught him mid pose. It was the only one I could get with both of them! We had fun playing with Ian.
Saturday, February 19- My sweet boy cuddling with me after Upward.
Saturday- February 19- We had a stray cat outside who was sticking around. He was so so sick and skinny. Shane felt bad for him so he bought him some food. The cat must have been a house cat because he's tame and gentle. We are not going to keep him for all of you starting to panic! (but Grace would LOVE that) we just didn't want him to die because of the cold. Shane's looking into taking him somewhere to help him.

Sunday, February 20- Jayma's shower! (not sure which pic I'll use) Jamal is getting married NEXT MONTH! We had so much fun planning this shower for her. I made cake balls- YUM! And there was so much food. Jodi made this amazing coffee punch that no one really drank so we kept going back for more. I felt so sick by the end of the day- because of course you know we can't stay away from the food! (I also made everyone take an eyes closed pic-probably only funny to a few- ha!)

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Amy said...

Cute pancakes!! And I'm glad I found your blog ... but I'm wondering how you can have the best friends ever ... because I have the best friends ever! lol ...