Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know..
- yesterday while making tortilla soup, cookies, sweet potatoes for Graham, and mac and cheese for lunch I made the biggest mess in my kitchen EVER. We're talking boiling over water, cilantro all over thanks to my helper, and sweet potatoes on the cupboards, floor, rugs, you name it?
Did you know that Graham can now roll from his back to his belly too? Well he did it once yesterday. And did you know he LOVES sweet potatoes? Like hungry hungry hippo loves... :)

Did you know I have 9 followers to this blog? I never really looked at that before. That's fun. I know more people read it too. Who knew people would care about what my kids are up to! (besides Gmas and Gpas of course)
-Did you know that my daughter calls herself Hannah (and demands to be called Hannah) 80% of the time? And did you know that she also likes to pretend she's a puppy? Like, crawling on the floor all the way down the church hallway, panting with her tongue out pretending.

Did you know that today is story time at our library? We're hoping that little Miss Grace, I mean Hannah will sit better than last time!

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Deanna said...

So, I'm a bit behind on my blog reading....

But just wanted to say.... every time I make homemade baby food (ESPECIALLY sweet potatoes), my kitchen turns into a disaster zone!!!!!