Monday, January 31, 2011

It's coming

The SNOW is coming. The newscasters have been talking about it all weekend. I think we are going to get just snow but southern Indiana is supposed to get some major ice. I think we're going to get 8 inches or so? Not sure. I don't think we usually get the brunt of the snow. It hits north of us and south. Praying that's the same for this week. But if it does...
and you need some help shoveling,

just call 1.800.Gracie She does a pretty good job!
and her fees are nominal. A few chocolate chip cookies, some m&ms, ice cream... really, she's flexible in her rates.

She will probably bring her assistant. She makes him do most of the work anyway. Tyrant boss.


Anonymous said...

I love it. I would hire her. Nicely done Shannon

Kelsey said...

This is so great and gave me a good laugh. Thank you!

camilla said...

Very cute. Good little worker.