Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life Week 3

Finally! I'm so frustrated with Picasa. I have no idea what I'm doing. I upload my pictures and have don't show up there. Then I get them all saved under an album and write the day of the week on them and lose half! THEN.. I can't figure out how to import more than 4 into a blog post. So I have to go back and add from iphoto with no days of the week on them. I'll figure it out by week 52!

Saturday- Jan 15. No picture. Week 2 of Upward and I was TIRED! Daddy forgot to take some pictures. I'll use this day to put a journaling card about Upward and the ministry it is (amazing!) for others.
Sunday- Jan 16. Skate Party! Our Church had another one and Grace had just as much fun! We had many Upward families there too.
Monday- Jan 17- Shane had most of the day off so we did a little rearranging in our living room. We really like it!
Tuesday, Jan. 18 - Oliver came over to play today. Grace loves the Gernand kids so very much. They had a great time playing dress up and trains.
Wednesday Jan. 19- Today we broke out the playdough! Grace loved it. We made many snowmen and also a few snakes.
Thursday Jan. 20- I go to MOPS (Mom's of Preschoolers) and love it. This is my group. We had a playdate and made cake balls (yum! and homemade graham crackers) Grace loved playing there. It was at Leanne's house and she has a Graham who is a little over a year and Grace thought it was fun that there was another Grahammers!

Friday Jan. 21- Pudding! We made pudding for Daddy and someone LOVED scrapping the bowl!
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