Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day

Grace woke up around 6 on Christmas and went out to the living room. I wish we would have went with her but we stayed in bed. We heard a gasp "presents!" She was thrilled.

She opened her stocking first. Santa gave her lots of jewelry and some chocolate.
We didn't really monitor this because I think she had like 5 pieces down before we knew it and all before 7 am!
Graham woke up a bit later to join the fun.
See her face? She got her own "castle" (note that she's already in a princess dress!)
(graham didn't get this for Christmas but we did get it down on Christmas day!)
Playing with her castle.
And then she got this castle! The funny part is that after we put it up she went inside to unwrap the rest of her presents. We didn't get to see any more! ha!

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