Wednesday, December 15, 2010

She shares

It was a bit of a rough day with my firstborn today. We started off great but somewhere between waking and bedtime, we clashed. It started at the library and didn't end until near bed time. I know that days like this are normal. It's going to happen (probably a lot- I am aware) but it didn't stop me from feeling so... weary. You know? That kind of tired that just makes your shoulders and back hurt.

But then we went to bed- my firstborn, my baby and I. We read Christmas books from the library and then that she leaned down, looked at her little brother and kissed him so sweetly on the top of his head. Then I remembered our good moments that day-and my shoulders hurt less.

(pictures taken of Graham with Gracie's blanket and chi chi- she shared them the other day- that means a lot. She loves those two things and does not share them freely.)

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