Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Lights

We've had a busy few days around here! (I have lots of Christmas pictures to put up but for now these will have to do) We had the Hartman family Christmas and then we went to Michigan for a couple of days.
Graham went with Mama to be with her Girlfriends and Dad and Gracie went to my sister's to visit for a bit. We had a great time! Today we did some shopping and then decided to go to see some lights at a nearby park tonight.
We got in the truck and turned on some Christmas music and set off... and then... both kids fell asleep! By the time we got there they were sound asleep! Sooo... we got some hot chocolate and sat in the silence, enjoying the lights! (I love these baby legs on Graham- his Daddy? Not so much!)
Grace woke up when we got home and was like.. "where are the lights you promised?" Ha! (this was her first sled ride of the season)

I made the greatest snack/treat today- I put peanut butter between two ritz crackers and then dipped them in almond bark. YUM! I could eat the whole plate- they are so good! (I added this picture because I like it and it's Christmas-y)

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camilla said...

Okay I cracked up. I saw the picture with your little guys baby legs and thought, "Those are so cute, but my hubby would never have let me get away with those one Daniel." Then I read what you said about you liking them and Daddy not so much. It's a guy thing I guess.