Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas...sort of...

Here are the few Christmas pictures I have.. remember? We got sick. It really wasn't pretty. :) Here are the Wilson grandkids. (can you believe how big A. and H. are? seriously!)
Aunt Shell. Gracie was the present hand-er-outer, but her spot to open was by Aunt Shell. She LOVED her gifts.
Uncle Adam and Graham. I'm sure if we would have had more time with them Adam would have squeezed a nap in with Graham. Ha!
Grandpa and his girls.
Grandma was THE BEST! Mom took care of the kids while Shane and I slept. Thanks Mom!
Grandma Diane and Grandpa Brad also popped in for a few minutes on their way home from the lake. Grace and Graham are so blessed to be loved so much!

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