Monday, December 27, 2010

His Happy Place

So, anyone remember this post? Yes, I do believe everyone has his/her "happy place". Well Grammers has been struggling a bit lately with some constipation. Poor little guy can hold it for a long time.... He's usually ok but ends up getting fussy after a few days. I've had to do some, let's just call it.. "work" on him a few times.

Last week I put him in his bumbo and after a few minutes he let loose. And I mean LOOSE. As in, change his clothes, and get a bath loose. A few days later, same thing. His bumbo is his happy place!!! Yesterday he was fussy and I counted the days since his last major dipe. Yup, he was in need. So, I took him to the living room, sat him in his bumbo and sure enough a few minutes later he let loose- happy as a clam again! Ha! I was pretty proud that I knew he'd do that. :)

* This pictures was not taken on a day when he let "loose" :)

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Christi.Overman said...

Hey, whatever works is good!