Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sinks are for more than dishes

See this bottom picture? We (ok, mostly me) have been trying to get her to clap for weeks. She will do one or so but she hasn't been into it. On Sunday at church we had her in the service for the worship. The band was going strong and I look down and there is Grace sitting in Shane's lap clapping away! She did it for almost every song! I LOVE that she is learning how to praise Jesus so early! It really was so cute and she did turn the eye of a number of people in the service. I would love for her to grow up feeling like she can praise the Lord in any way she wants and if she wants to clap, raise her hands, dance around, so be it. Let this just be the start of Grace praising you Jesus!


polly's path said...

Shannon-thanks for the sweet comment and for sharing a true new mommy hall of shame moment. I recall a few similar experiences in my early momma days too. I can't believe it has been so long!!! Feels like forever since my girl was a baby. Enjoy your cutie!!!Check back on Fri to see if you won!!!

Monica said...

The walking video...the bath pictures...the clapping story, all so cute! God created you to be a Mom and I am so thankful that you are making an example of Christ in your parenting! I love you!