Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hurry up Spring!

Woohoo! We had a nice day last Friday and so we walked Gracie over to the swings for her first ride! She wasn't sure at first but she warmed up to it very quickly!

Ok, can anyone tell me this? Why when I am uploading pictures do they show up on my post screen as just a jumble of numbers and letters? I can't tell which picture is which until I post it and so I can only write under all of them? Did I do change something?


Anonymous said...

Shannon - she is such a cutie. Those baby blues are something. Jodi sent this page so I can keep up with you and your fam. Take Care!

Monica said...

You really should call me to babysit more often! :) She is so cute!

Deanna said...

Answer to your jumble of letters and numbers question.... when you are at the "new post" screen, I am guessing that you probably clicked the tab to the top right of the post that says "Edit HTML".... it needs to be set on "Compose" for you to actually see your pics. Let me know if this works! :)