Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I've not been a very good blogger. I'm sorry loyal readers (i.e. family!)  We are doing well, no need for concern.  Life is just...  going.

Graham is at such a fun age.  He's talking ALL.THE.TIME.  And, I'm not sure if you knew, but he is a genius (smile).  He knows most of his letters and sounds.  He is loving his race cars and his basketball hoop.  His dad got him a baseball cap last week and he's loving that too.

He and Grace are playing together now and it's so much fun to watch.  He is starting to understand what pretend is so we often have a puppy dog around.  He is a good eater, but doesn't care for meat much. I can't get him to eat hardly any.  He does love his mama's meatloaf!

Sis has been enjoying winking.  Shane told her that winking means "just kidding"  So many many times a day this is what I hear.

"Mom, MOM, MOM!  Tomorrow we are going to a park.  We are Mom.  We are. Mom? Are you watching me? (she then winks, which really looks more like a facial twitch!)  Ha! Mom, did yo you see that?!"

Repeat over and over with different places we are going.  Last night on the phone she told her dad that she is grown up and 16 now.  (wink wink!)  We have to work  on teaching her that winking can't be seen over the phone.

Grace is a good eater too.  She does not like potatoes or things mixed together.  She really likes honey greek yogurt, toast with strawberry jam, pasta with no sauce, and eggs.  

We are working on respect at our house.  She's really getting her independence and often expresses her displeasure by yelling or fussing.  Once she gets something set in her mind she hates to have it changed and she's getting a bit sassy.  But she's also been cleaning up her room so well and clearing the table after meals.  We have a brave, independent, strong willed, helper.

There you go, a little update for ya!  Happy Tuesday!

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