Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Day.

Once upon a time The Hartman Family went South for a week.  Upon arriving at their destination they realized that 12 inches of snow would be tricky to drive through to get to their house. 

 They tried.  It didn't work.  They didn't die.  (someone may have been wondering if they were going to, others were cool as cucumbers. Can you guess who was who in the car?)
It was also discovered at that time that the youngest child's winter coat was left at home.Not the best parenting move.  The youngest child was dressed in his mama's coat and carried up the hill.  The oldest child trucked along all by herself.  Only falling three times.  

 The father got a tractor and started plowing and shoveling and plowing and shoveling. Three hours later, he was able to drive the truck up the driveway.
 The Hartman kids made it inside and cuddled up under blankets while waiting for their Daddy.

The End. 

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Anonymous said...

I am sure the house has a great view, but maybe someone should have thought about the snow/ice thing when they built the house there huh?