Saturday, April 28, 2012

I picked up some shoes for the little Miss that's coming soon.  Gracie was so kind to line them up toes to the wall with her and her brother's shoes.  What a fun marker of what's to come. :)
 Shane spent a whole Saturday doing electric work (frustrating, but he did a good job!)  His partner wasn't necessarily helpful but he sure did like to get in the thick of things and "help".
 We had a great visit with our friends the Christophers!  Shane's friends from elementary/grade school.  Kaus' Aunt and Uncle from Utah were in the area too so they came.  I think Shane has been visiting them to ski since he was 17?   We love Mark and Gina!  We had a great day catching crayfish in the creek, doing some of the obstacles on the low ropes course and then taking a great hike.
 The kids ran off with Mark and Gina (they ran up this hill!!) so we had a nice walk.  Well, I got a head start, because I took like 10 breaks!
Last week we took a quick trip to Michigan to see one of my best friends.  She had her fourth baby- Harrison David.  The kids were troupers. I got them out of bed and put them straight in the car, then when we left I put them back in their jammies, drove home and put them straight to bed!  Grace plaed ALL day long with Norah.  She had such a good time! I think this was her first time climbing a tree!
And here's the sweet little man.  Jess was right, he does not get put down much at all! But seriously, who would put this sweet little thing down? :)

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