Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

For some reason the pictures I just downloaded aren't showing up on the computer yet.  So here is 1/2 of our Easter celebration.  My entire family came down from Michigan!  We had a great time showing them around, going to Nashville and of course, celebrating Easter!  I love this picture of Dad and Graham walking up the hill.

We also got some time with Grandma Shirley!  And she brought us a new popcorn maker!  Our air popper only lasted 3 months-boo.  This one is a stir crazy one and we love it.  Our new family favorite- popcorn and America's Funniest Videos on netflix.  :)

After Easter church we went to the Colony Inn for a wonderful brunch.  It was nice not to have to cook!
ok... so blogger changed a bit and I can't figure out how to type under the last two pics!

Below- Graham had the same food on his plate but it tasted oh so much better on Grandmas!
Below Below- My three favorite people all dressed for Easter.  Love them.

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