Monday, April 2, 2012

Graham 18 months

I guess he's technically 19 months and some change but we just took Graham in for his 18th month appointment.
At 18 months Graham: (or 19 months, or whatever)
  • is 24lbs! Big boy (ok, I know that some 7 month olds are like that size but he is growing!)
  • runs all over! I love watching him run.
  • follows commands- he will throw things in the trash for you!
  • is a climber. He loves to climb on the table or use a stool to climb on the couch
  • says up please, down please, more please (they all sound the same but he does say them!) ball, apple, momma, daddy, bye bye, night night.
  • signs "please" and "more"
  • is great at picking up! He's likes order and putting things together and taking them apart

  • loves loves loves to be outside. He hates to be brought in!
  • is a good eater. He is not a big fan of meat but he likes raisins, pears, apples, peaches, grapes, pb&j, eggs, toast, pizza, and he really likes cheese tortellini with pesto!

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