Friday, June 10, 2011

Three Years

My "baby" is three today. Three!
She was such a sweet baby. I remember looking at her when the Dr. held her up and that's what my child looks like. Wow.

As a 1 year old she was learning so fast. She took to walking so fast and then she was everywhere. She loved being outside and following Daddy around. :)
At two she loved reading and her words were new every day. She became a big sister and learned how to use the potty.
And now she is three. She constantly surprises me with her imagination, ideas, and will power! :) She is indpendent and loves her friends. This year she will go to preschool.

Happy Birthday baby girl. We love you so very much.

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camilla said...

Happy Birthday Grace! You are beautiful! I hope you had lots and lots of fun on your special day!