Friday, August 20, 2010


Last weekend my friend Nicole was in town visiting from Texas so we had a girls night at my house. Shane took Grace for the night and the ladies, ate, talked, laughed, and ate some more (we are very good at that!)
Our famous eyes closed picture. This started in Texas, in... wow...2005? 2004? not sure. We went with it and now it's a staple in group pics.

the pretty princess was with us for a bit on Sunday- she was loving the attention from the girls!

Then on Monday I met them in Fort Wayne and the surprised me with a sprinkle! That's like a baby shower for the second or third but not as intense, no planning, just good food, friends and fun!
Avery and Grace- she's still talking about Avery!
Joanne, Jayma, Courtney and Quinn

Quinn, Jodi, Nicole, and me. Thanks ladies... it was so fun- and thanks for the pictures!

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