Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Loving this breeze

I (for the FIRST TIME maybe all summer!) have our windows open. Shane has Grace at work for a bit and I'm LOVING the quiet and the breeze. I was doing so good posting for a bit and the realized I needed pictures from my camera.
So here are a few random ones... Lately Grace has taken a LOVE to her blanket. I mean that she wants it with her ALL the time. She will ask if she can take it ouside. She wants to cover up in it, play hide and see in it, put her puppies in it... you name it!

Watching tv in a box. :) cheap fun entertainment!
38 weeks! I didn't sleep well at all last night but Shane let me sleep in a bit more today so that helped. Hoping for a good nap this afternoon!

Our last little project to finish- Shane's dad built this bookshelf for Grace and we needed to paint it. It was SO hot in the garage there was no way I was going out there- I'd have rather left it till the winter! So Shane opened the kitchen door, let some of the airconditioning blow into the garage and put some fans out there and helped! We got coat number one finished and hopefully will finish it up this week. Thanks Brad- we love it!

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