Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life with a toddler

Ha! I tried to use red eye on this one... look closely... it made her mouth red eye reduction- but kept her beady little eyes!
Life with a toddler means- she wears your shoes....
She wants to sit on the counter and eat apples

She hams it up for the camera

She also
  • sings ALL the time
  • doesn't know what quiet means! (but she can whisper pretty well!)
  • is learning how to use the potty but most of the time she just likes to sit on it with her clothes on and read a book. :)
  • SLEEPS like a big girl! Last Saturday we got home from the cottage and it was getting late. Gracie got into her jammies and we were in the living room. Shane called us to the bedroom- he had taken off the crib rail and in it's place put the little white rail we have for her big bed. WHAT? I started crying. (ha!) She was thrilled and climbed into bed and went right to sleep. All of a sudden our baby is a big girl. She even gets out of bed on her own now (so far it's been at appropriate times)

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