Monday, March 1, 2010


It's Monday. I'm sitting by Shane and we were looking at the blog and he asked why I haven't updated. It's because I have to get some pictures off the computer and then put them on. Then he gave me a very smart idea. Just post a blog with thoughts. Brilliant. :)

We had a busy weekend. We were out of town and on Sunday Grace came down with a fever. She still has it but the Dr. says it's just viral. Poor baby is so hot and not her usual self. She's cuddly which is nice but I wish it wasn't because she's sick.

We did have a big change this weekend. My little one has switched from calling me mama to mommy! Shane always calls me mommy- like he'll say "say hi mommy" and then she'll say "hi mama" but on Saturday she switched. I tried to get her to go back (mommy seems like something a big kid says!!) but I think that time is over. All day today I heard "Mommy? Mommy?" When did she get so big????

The other thing that's happening is she's becoming a copy cat. She will try to repeat a whole sentence. We left Grandpa and Grandma Diane's last night to Gracie repeating "catch ya later" She'll repeat anything- like if I ask her "want another one?" she will say "notha one" And she actually will respond to questions we ask her. I love that.

She's growing up right before our eyes. Well, if I have to have her grow up so fast at least I can look forward to her being potty trained!

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Deanna said...

Adorable! I will say though.... just wait until she calls you "mom" for the first time.... that's REALLY what BIG kids say. I am still usually "mommy" to Aaron, but occasionally, the "mom" word pops out. Sigh.... it goes by SO quickly....

HEY! Just let us know when you're ready for your date night! We will love watching Grace! :)