Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Ouchie

Grace had her first major ouchie on Tuesday. We were in the garage and she was sitting on her lawn chair and she started standing on it. I told her not to and that if she did she may fall and it would hurt. Well... that's exactly what happened. A face plant on the cement floor. We scooped her up and got it washed off. Once we knew that her teeth were ok, she and Daddy took a break on the couch together.

And this is how she woke up. It's hard to see but her lip looks like botox gone wrong. It was completely HUGE and swollen. She also bonked her nose pretty well and her forehead.
She kept touching it and she sounded so funny. All day long whenever I looked at her I could hardly take it. Poor Baby!

The swelling went down quickly. This was her the next day.... now we're just keeping neosporin on it to keep it from breaking open. Ouch!

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camilla said...

The"ouchies" are often harder on us moms. We just cringe, don't we? We've managed to get through without any broken bones (Daniel is five) or trips to the ER (except for ear infections), but every face plant makes my heart stop briefly.