Thursday, September 17, 2009

Praising the Lord

So yesterday I thought I lost my blog. I deleted an email account that I never used and it was hooked to the blog and it was gone.  Gone.  I was SO SO upset.  (like crying all afternoon upset) Shane came home and tried to help me. I was ready to give up.  But he encouraged me to keep trying so I kept searching and late last night... I got it back!  The lesson?  NEVER delete anything! :) 

So here are a few pics of her in the last year... just to remember.  Also I did a few changes on the blog... a new start!  I will say though, by last night I wasn't nearly as upset. I still have all my pictures.  I still have the REAL thing playing with her baby doll and pulling out all her books right her in the living room.  I am still blessed.  But I am SO very thankful that I got the blog back. Thank you Lord!


Judy said...

this is my biggest fear Shannon. In the last year, I lost our backup drive and computer... I have been able to pull images off my blog. I am so thankful I started a blog, or else we wouldnt have anything.

I guess there is a service that will print your blog into a book I plant to do this when Blogspot starts charging money or they close the doors.

Anonymous said...

I really love seeing the age process of kids. It's really neat. Thanks for showing Gracie :)