Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Michigan Family

This great big bunch of people all got together on Sunday.  They are my mom's side of the family- The Sherds. This was the biggest group we had!  If you could look closer at these people they have their eyes closed- ha!  (or they should!)  It's a little trick my friends and I started doing about 4 years ago- "eyes closed picture"  I love that my family all played my game. :)
Gracie loved being at Aunt Michelle's.  She loved the toys there and the great big playhouse.  She was so happy to be in there.
She's getting a little squirrley about being in the car for long periods of time (or even short bits of time!!!)  but she was so happy to be there!

Her usual "cheese" face. :)


Anonymous said...

So.... um.... why the eyes closed?

Shannon said...

once when with friends in Texas, one of us closed our eyes when we took a picture. When we went to take it again, we decided to all close our eyes since someone always ends up doing that. So since then we usually include an eyes closed picture! I have gotten my office, my baby shower peeps, now my family to take part! :)