Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mom's trip to Texas

I know this is a Gracie blog but I thought I'd put a few pics of our texas trip up!  Joanne, Jodi, and I flew to texas to visit Nicole, a friend we used to work with at Huntington.  We had a great time!
Yes, this is like the ONE picture we have that doesn't involve food.  And we had to purposefully make that happen. :)

Do you know what Sonic is?  HEAVEN!  :) We went there every day.  They have half price drinks from 2-4pm.  Loved it.  

But more importantly, do you know what Sprinkles is?  Oh.MY.Word.  These are more than just cupcakes.  They were over the top.  We got different kinds.  I won't show the pics of how we attacked them.  Just know they were that good.

And this is pretty much how we spent the rest of the time.  It was so much fun!  I missed my little lady more than I thought I would but I had a great time.


Jodi said...

And that's exactly why I've been eating salads all week! What an awesome weekend!

Charisse said...

You got your blog back. Yay!!! I was so worried for ya. I would be so sad to lose my blog of Brooke. Looks like Texas was fun!