Thursday, February 19, 2009

To Aaron

Aaron! this is Gracie's new funny face that I have NEVER been able to get on camera. She did is especially for you!
Here she is carefully proofing her note to you. She took a lot of time looking it over VERY CLOSELY.

And she was happy with it! She couldn't even contain herself, she was SO excited!

Here she is! She wants you to know that even though you aren't "into babies" (smile) she loves you tons and tons and she hopes you have a super happy day! (she also sends a shout out to Hannah!)

Here are some facts about Aaron:
  • He's the oldest Wilson Grandchild

  • He has a great smile!

  • He is very creative

  • He is good at math and science

  • He has some wicked Wii bowling skills!!

  • He has an artistic eye

  • He was my first (and still ONLY!) nephew and I love him.


Aunt Shannon


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