Wednesday, February 11, 2009

8 months

Grace is 8 months old. She:
* has two bottom teeth, two top teeth and two more on their way (on top)
* can army crawl to get where she wants. (still need to get pictures of it!)
* weighs 14 lbs 6 oz as of yesterday when we went to visit our favorite lactation consultant, Naomi-LOVE her!
* eats toast, puffs, and crackers with her hands. She's getting very good at aiming in her mouth
* says dadadada a lot. Shane likes to think she is calling him.
* sleeps all through the night, but is an early riser. Up by 5:30-6:30 EVERY DAY
* can move herself from sitting to reach something that she wants and doesn't fall over.
* is starting to "want" to go to bed. When we take her in her room at night we "dance" with her for a minute or so. She is starting to just reach for her bed and her chi-chi. :) (no more lame dancing with us!)
PS- Look "aunt" jodi at who is FINALLY fitting into her 6-9 months clothes! :)


Anonymous said...

She looks adorable in that outfit. So glad it finally fits! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow night for Survivor!

Judy Crawford said...

you are kidding? She is in 6-9 months clothes? You have such a little squirt. Elliott the monster-5 months has graduated to 12 month clothes...consistantly across the board of brands.
where are the directions to the cookies?