Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8 weeks

8 weeks old.. it's hard to get her to not move her arms and legs for a picture that isn't blurry!

She does smile.. I promise. She's just selective about when she gives them out.

"wearing Grace" back to the hotel. I had so many people stop and comment.. 'is that a baby in there?" and surprisingly many of them were men!

Gracie is 8 weeks old (yesterday). It seems like time has flown by. She is starting to smile so much more and is becoming very alert to her surroundings. She went with me to a women's conference in Indy this past weekend and she did great! I used a sling and a baby wrap and she slept most of the time. I have never been more popular! I had SO many ladies ooh and aah over her and smile at me wearing her in the wraps.

On Monday night Shane and I went out to dinner and a movie and left Gracie with a friend for the evening. We had a nice time and Gracie did great. It is a blessing to know that we have so many great friends who live nearby who can watch Grace since we don't have family that close. We are still in search of a responsible high schooler who we can get to "love" our family enough to be our long time babysitter. It was great to get out and just be with Shane. We know we need to make sure we schedule time for us.

I'm starting to read Gracie better. I can tell when she is fussing because she's hungry or tired, or if she just wants to be by herself for a bit. I realize (like my friend Jess says) that as soon as I think I have her down, she'll change on me, but I do like realizing that I know what she needs and can help.

Today is supposed to be cooler, so I'm hoping we can get outside for a nice long walk!


Ruth said...

You are one beautiful marsupial mama! I loved wearing my babies - isn't it wonderful? She is the perfect accessory. :-)

Judy Crawford said...

Yeah! yeah! Yeah! Glad things are going well for you! Those first 6 weeks are so hard and require A ton of patience. Love the sling...I just saw them online and am considering getting one.