Thursday, July 31, 2008

summer days

I took Shane's computer out to the deck today to check email and look up some info for our next Bible study at church. I brought Grace out in her little bouncy chair thing (thanks Jess!) She sat with me for about 30 minutes. After that I noticed that she was just getting herself all cozied in and within a few minutes she had gone to sleep. I guess the fresh air and the warmth did it. :) She looked so sweet I took about a hundred pictures. She stayed with her daddy today while I went to the dentist. I think we are getting over the cranky all day long thing she was going through. She now loves her swing (and WE love her swing!) and she likes to just play on her little butterfly mat by herself (thanks Robin!) She's starting to notice the toys hanging from it and even trying to focus on them. She swings her hands around to get them. It won't be long before she's purposefully reaching and touching them!


Judy Crawford said...

I didnt know you blogged! Love the pictures of the baby. She is a sweetie!

Jessica said...

love her little "tie-dyed" shirt! she's a true camper already! and she likes to sleep outside!