Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Gracie is growing so fast! Here are a few pics of her snoozing in our bed on a late morning.

We went to a Loveall family reunion and also spent a weekend with Brad and Diane at the lake. It's been fun showing off Gracie! But I am thankful for the next two weeks of sleeping in our own bed and having more of a routine for her!

Today I was visiting with my friend Monica and Grace was playing on her mat on the floor. After a few minutes we realized she was being super quiet.... she had fallen asleep. That was her first time doing that. AND tonight I gave her a bath, rocked her a bit, then put her to bed and she fell asleep with NO crying! She's definitely growing :)


Deanna said...

She sure is beautiful! Wish we were there to snuggle with her!!! :)

J said...

She is such a pumpkin pie! I want to eat her up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mommy4boys said...

I love her! I especially love her grandpa Hartman..the cuttest thing ever!!!!