Tuesday, July 29, 2008

going to Grandma and Grandpa's

crazy hair after her bath (notice it's receeding a bit?)

I ran out to get ice cream for us and she started fussing. Dad picked her up and she fell asleep in his arms! He says he has that affect on the ladies!

meeting Uncle Adam!

cousins. I'm not so sure Aaaron loved holding her. At least he would never admit it! Hannah loved being near her and said when Grace gets bigger she will baby sit for $1. Deal! But she also said she doesn't "do diapers" :)

Just a cute one I liked from yesterday. She slept 7 hours straight last night! WOOHOO!


Deanna said...

7 hours?!! That's AWESOME!!! :)

mommy4boys said...

Wow, she looks like Grandpa Tom in that first picture with the hair loss thing...LOL!!

House Church said...

Gotta love the sleep! She is toooo cute :)

Judy Crawford said...

7 hours? Are you kidding me?