Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whirlwind weekend

We had a super busy weekend!  On Friday Grandpa Hartman came over to help us get ready for the garage sale and on Saturday we had the HUGE 5 family sale!  It was a great success but very tiring!  Shane did most of the work for it and it paid off...  we sold LOTS of stuff! 

Later that afternoon Gracie's Uncle Shawn came over with Nicki and cousins Rilee and Reese.  The girls LOVED seeing Grace!  They couldn't get enough of her...  Rilee was a great big cousin and wanted to give Grace lots of toys to play with and informed me that she would be the one teaching Gracie lots of things since she was the oldest.  Reese was so taken by Grace I'm not sure she left her side except when I was nursing.  Then she stood outside the nursery door and kept asking...  is she eating?  Is Baby Grace done? Can I hold her now? They were so good with her though and it was very fun to see them so excited about her.  When they left today Reese called from the car.. "take care of Baby Grace!"  :)

The rest of the afternoon the Hartman family took advantage of the quiet and we all napped!  It was a great but tiring weekend!

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