Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Weeks Old

sleeping, just the way we like her! :)
Grace and Mommy

Napping with Daddy
Two weeks old!

Today Grace is two weeks old. She had a Dr. apt and is up to 6 lbs 12 oz. We're happy to know that she's gaining and hope that she's up to at least 7 lbs by next week. She had lots of visitors this week including little J who is three days younger than her but about 3 pounds bigger!

Grace's habits for now seem to be that she's up in the morning for a few hours then cat naps all day and is awake in the afternoon for a few hours. When she is awake she is all eyes as if she can't take enough in. She's been sleeping well at night, but now wakes herself up every 2-3 hours to eat... she likes to eat for about 45 minutes though!

Last night we went downtown to the mermaid festival for dinner. Before we went, I had to feed Gracie, then when we got there we had to get the stroller, diaper bag, AND Grace... no more just quick trips anywhere!


Linda said...

Shane and Shannon,

Grace is ADORABLE! Almost as cute as Shane was when he was born! I am so glad that you are posting pictures on a blog--technology sure has changed things. I know you are both so proud--and Grace is lucky to have you two for parents.
I thought about knitting a baby blanket for her--but I know she would be in college before I got it done! I'll try to get something else to you soon.
Aunt Linda

Grandpa said...

she's the best!