Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One Week Old

Today Gracie is one week old.  She celebrated all night. :)   I finally put her on my chest around 4 and we both slept until 7!  She ate and is now sleeping in her crib.  I find that I enjoy her so much more in daylight hours...   when it's dark, it's harder to think her little grunts and movements are as cute but as soon as it's light... I can't get enough of them.

Grace also found her thumb this morning!  I was trying to keep her up for a few minutes after she ate and she was looking for any way to go to sleep.  She has been sucking on her hands from day one but today she managed to get her thumb in her mouth and I could tell she was in heaven!  We will try to stop that cute little trick though!


Deanna said...

I found that I ALWAYS preferred the daylight hours when I had a newborn in the house. I often had to spend a lot of time praying in the evening as a spirit of DREAD would overcome me as nighttime approached each evening.... wondering what the night would hold!!!

Can't wait to meet your little sweetie!

mommy4boys said...

Have you bought any binks yet? Sounds like she might need one to make her happy...We used to love those at our house!!