Saturday, June 21, 2008

lazy Saturday

We are having a lazy Saturday here!  We all got some good sleep last night. I pumped a bottle and went to bed at 9:30 and Shane fed Grace when she woke up at 11, then they went to sleep and he brought her to me a little before 2.  That means I had over 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep!  I feel like a new person.  We all got up around 8.  Shane cleaned the house and I helped straighten things.  We are having Gracie's pictures taken tomorrow and also she is meeting her Uncle Shawn and her cousins for the first time!  

The pics are of some friends and family who have come to meet Grace.  We are still looking forward to introducing her to her other cousins and her Aunt and Uncle in Michigan!

Here is a funny story for the week- we took Gracie to the lactation consultant on Friday to be weighed and to check on how much she is getting at each feeding.  The consultant undressed her and put her on the scale on her back....  her little leg stuck straight out so she decided to turn her over on her belly so all of her would be in the scale.  So, she turned her over and when she put Grace's knees up to her belly, Grace let loose ( and I'm not talking pee!)  It was all over the scale and it even shot out!  I looked on the wall but didn't see anything, a few minutes later I see the consultant wiping her papers on her desk!  Grace has good aim!

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