Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Phone Dump

 18 weeks with #4 :)
 My college friend got married!  We celebrated Carolyn's wedding a few weeks ago and I was so happy to catch up with some dear friends.  I've knowing these two since 8th grade! Love them.
 New babies!  My dear college friend Charity is having her first baby. She and her husband live in Benin, Africa but are home this summer to have their baby.  I was able to go to her shower in Michigan and celebrate with her.
 Tenting and laughing
 Cutie Parade!  Our little town has a mermaid festival and they have a kids parade called the cutie parade.  my friend Jessica and I took our kids and it started raining.  We were DRENCHED!
 Graham didn't mind too much!
 Working with Daddy.  I love this picture. Graham loves to help Shane with whatever he's doing.
 Playing with friends.  This is Grace and Sophie at the mermaid festival.
 Cousins!  Graham loves his cousin Aaron.  Aaron came down to go to camp and he always is so good with the kids. 
 Sickies.  Both kids were really sick a few weeks ago.  They are better now thankfully!
 My sick boy and his baby brother/sister. 
Sillies.  Graham insisted on wearing Gracie's winter hat on a 90 degree afternoon.  He was so sweaty!  

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