Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holiday World

We celebrated Ella's first birthday by going to Holiday World!  I had never been there.  We wanted (and always want) July 5th to be a special family day.  We went down to a camp closer to Holiday World and stayed there.  
I had been so so sad the whole week before her birthday and would cry at random and odd times.  (I was also very a little cranky!) A friend who has lost a sweet baby said it right, sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual event.  Her actual birthday was just like her birth.  I had peace and was able to enjoy our memories and thoughts of her.
If you haven't been to Holiday World...  GO!  It was fantastic and so family friendly.  We were able to ride may rides with the kids and they had lots for little ones in addition to the big roller coasters.  Free sunscreen and pop/gatorade/juice/water all day long!
They also have a great water park that had plenty for our little ones to do.  The kids went all day long and had so much fun.
Shane was able to do a few "big kid" rides too.  
going up.....
and gone!  :)
I love this pic of them watching him!  Graham was not to sure of what his daddy was doing! 
This ride may have been Shane's favorite part.  He said he remembers riding this over and over as a kid at Six Flags.  
He was able to ride it with both kids (no way was I going on a ride that goes in circles, sick for sure!)
And this.  This is my favorite memory.  It's a picture of a picture but I think you can see our faces!  We took the kids on the log ride and I forgot about the HUGE drop off!  I screamed so loud!  Gracie has her mouth open and tongue out!  The funniest/worst part was that when we got to the bottom I flew forward and totally squished Grace against Shane's seat!  Poor Girl.  I don't think the kids will pick that ride again.  Ha!

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LisaM said...

So glad to read this post - I'm glad you celebrated well. thanks for sharing.