Monday, June 10, 2013

She is FIVE!

 Five years ago Shane and I were so so excited to meet out little one.  We didn't know if it was a boy or girl (and if Shane's hair would ever go back to short. HA!)
 And then when the doctor pulled her out and said it's a girl...  I was so so excited and happy.  They asked her name and I couldn't even speak.  It was so overwhelming and so ... great.
 I had so much fun with Gracie as a baby.  I remember her first smile at me.  I was in Michigan at my parents and I had her on the bed in front of me. I looked down and she grinned at me for just a second.  I remember catching my breath and tears threatening to spill over.  Being a new mom is hard work and there she was smiling and it was all worth it.

My Gracie is full of life.  She is passionate and loud (she's a hartman. ha!) and creative and sweet.  She doesn't know a stranger and loves to be around people.  She is a little timid about trying new things but once she tries something she's ready to go.  I am so proud of her I can hardly stand it sometimes.    I love to look at her profile and just think "that's my baby"   I'm so thankful that she's a part of my life.

Happy Birthday Sister!  :)

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