Monday, June 17, 2013

Beachin It

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind.  It's been fun sharing our pregnancy news with others.  I've been able to fully break out the maternity clothes and am feeling good.  Shane has been busy with work and the kids have been doing swim lessons.

I've got a few posts coming about my "deep thoughts".  Ha!  I've been working on one about being "redeemed" and and I know I'll have some more coming in the next few weeks about our Ella.    

One of my favorite things that's been happening recently is that Gracie has decided it's ok if we have a boy because then we'd have two girls and two boys.  I love that she includes Ella in our life. :)  It's little things like that that make my heart happy.  

Another favorite is watching my kids swim!  The first day of swim lessons was hard on Grahammers.  He was not happy.  The second was the same but by the end of the week he was doing so great and even went off the diving board (with a puddle jumper on) all by himself!  

Last Friday, it had been a long week and I was ready for some down time.  It was 3pm and Shane had let me know he would probably be working late.  We were leaving the library and I knew that if I went home I'd end up laying on the couch and turning on something for the kids to watch.  That's been more of the norm as of late and they needed a change.  So we packed up and went to the beach!
I didn't put my suit on as I thought they'd just want to play in the sand, but I was quick to realize that they wanted to swim!  So when my friend Jessica got there I popped home and got my suit on (and my nerves up because I am NOT a fan of seaweedy mushy bottom lakes!)
They swam for a long time and then played in the sand for a while.  It was warm but not too hot.  The campers were there so the atmosphere was fun and lively which the kids liked.
I realized that it's a block away and hours of fun so we went again today.  The kids come home sandy and happy and it makes a long day not so long.  
There will be lots of beach days in our future.  They are at the perfect age to have fun and I've learned to lighten up about the buckets of sand I sweep up on the kitchen floor. Or not.  The sand can wait till tomorrow.  

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Jennifer Kay said...

I don't know how I would have gotten through the past six years without that mantra...the work will always be there tomorrow.