Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I'm so late in posting this, but here we are all decorated and dressed up for Halloween!  You can see the dreaded Pirate Hartman was not so into the picture thing.
He wouldn't wear his eye patch or hat and the sword was quite dangerous to anyone near him but he did wear the costume for our library story time!
The frog princess tried consoling the pirate to no avail. (but it was cute to watch her try!)
We had our second annual trick or treating walk with the Grants.  I'm so glad they are our neighbors (and that they love our kids so much!) We also went with our new neighbors the Haywoods.  Henry is Graham's age.  Grace calls him Hengry.  ha!
My pirate would not put on his shirt so he went as a little boy who wouldn't dress up.  He did wear the pants though.
Look at that face? Can you even take it?
Grandma Wilson, you always do such a good job keeping us warm with mittens, thank you!
Inspecting the Loot!  It was a fun night!


Jayma said...

Love this! So cute!

Anonymous said...

A couple of my favorite grandchildren. Dad