Friday, November 16, 2012

Build a Deck

 A few weekends back Shane's Dad and friend Ryan came to Camp Moneto to help Shane finish the deck.  It was a gorgeous day to be outside.  I personally loved it because the kids played outside with them the whole time!
 How can you not love that face?  Well, there are a few times where it's tough for me to love it but mostly... (ha!)
 Brad and Ryan and Shane work together very well.  They knocked out the project in one day!

 I'm sure it had to do with these two helpers.  Their skill was invaluable!

 Of course we had fudge and popcorn and movie night with Grandpa.  That's a must.
Ryan had a night without his kids but mine more than made up for it.  They loved him! He is silly and likes to play with them so that makes it fun.  I forgot to get a picture of the finished project.  Next time!

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