Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two Weeks

Graham is TWO WEEKS old! Here he is with his sock monkey.

At Two Weeks Graham-
  • eats a lot. :)
  • has about an hour and a half a few times a day where he is awake
  • went to church for the first time today- he was greeted by lots of warm wishes and love!
  • sleeps fairly well. His little moans and noises keep me up so we'll soon move him to his room instead of our pack and play
  • knows how to fill a diaper! ha!


Christi Overman said...

Evan and I have decided that he looks like Shane. And he's adorable. That's why Ian and I STILL can't sleep in the same room...every time he makes the tiniest noise I freak out!

April Burt said...