Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Week

Dear Graham- you are one week old. Today I would have taken your picture with a sock monkey, starting weekly pictures to watch you grow. Instead I took your picture with a blue light for your jaundice. We are back in the hospital to get your numbers down. Here is a look at your first week-
Grace loved visiting you in the hospital. Whenever someone comes into the room she points to you and says "that's Graham"
You had lots of visitors!- Kristi
Dave and Jamal.
Christi- (you'll love playing with Ian soon!)
Kelsey, Ryan, Sophie and Oliver. They are our neighbors and friends. Grace loves playing with them and I know they can't wait to teach you lots of things too.
Jodie and Joanne
Grandpa Wilson
Grandma Wilson, Aunt Michelle and Mommy
Grandma Diane
Grandma Shirley
At one week you:
  • have had a total of 4 extra hospital nights (counting tonight) and we are praying that's the last!
  • have been a bit slow to eat but you're coming around :)
  • had a great "explosion" on the nurse today. She was changing your dipe and you just kept going and going andgoing... all over her and your crib!
  • get the cutest wrinkly forehead
  • purse your lips just so when you're trying to get comfortable. Love it
  • Have peed on Mommy two times!
at home with your light pad (before we had to come back to the hospital)
You are a great baby and have been sleeping a lot. Part of that is because of the extra bilirubin but I'm also claiming that you're just going to be a champion sleeper!
snuggling with Grandpa and Grace.
Coming home.


Christi Overman said...

Graham, this is your friend Ian. You sure had a lot of company at the hospital! I want you to come home tomorrow so I can play with you very soon. I need a friend that is a boy.

Deanna said...

PRECIOUS!!!! Can't wait to meet your little guy! Glad to see on FB that you are HOME! HOORAH! :)