Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He's growing....

Not only is Graham growing (out of newborn clothes and dipes- on to 0-3 months!) but he's growing on me.
Before you roll your eyes, let me explain. Of course, I love him. I've loved him since before he was born, but I think that the bond is growing. Interestingly enough, it happens at night. :)
I get up, numerous times- between 4-6 times!- to feed Graham. A few nights ago, I looked down and he was curled up on my chest, similar to this picture. I kissed his head head and breathed in his baby smell and couldn't get enough and I realized that I love him and I am loving him more each day.
The more he interacts with us, the more we'll bond. Shane reminded me of that- it was that way with Grace.
So he's growing physically and also more in my heart.

ok, cheesy post done, go about your business. :)

Stay tuned this week for a Grace post!


Deanna said...

AHH! He is SO cute.... such great pics! So glad that we were able to meet him!

aprilrenee202 said...

10 thumbs up:)

Ruth said...

Not cheesy, sweet! :-)