Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We went to Indy for Memorial Day weekend. Shane did race stuff all weekend and Grace and I stayed with Grandma Shirley. We garage saled our hearts out! It was a fun weekend.
We got to see Shane on Saturday and went swimming. Grace loves the water.

One of the best parts of Grandma's? Doing fun things like baths in the tub, breakfast in front of the tv.. and lots of Grandma love!

We went with Shirley to the cemetary to put new flowers up for her parents and brothers... it was a special time to share with her and I'm thankful we did it. (by the way, look at G hamming it up!)
Grace was named for her Great Grandma Loveall and her Great Grandma Sherd. She has some great ladies in her life to look up to!


Jodi said...

Glad you updated while we were gone so we could catch up on Grace. I think she has grown in the past couple of weeks. Miss you! Let's get together soon.

Monica said...

I love the bath in the sink picture...what a happy girl!

Shannon Y said...

I love the sink picture too! My mom loves giving the kids baths in the sink and I take a ton of pictures! Beautiful pictures of Grace at the cemetary. Bittersweet!